Saddle Ranch Media Inc (OTCMKTS:SRMX) now known as SkyFidelity Inc. is resurging after a rough start to February. The resurgence, from what evidence can be gathered, is linked to some recent Tweets from the company. SRMX is claiming that their 5G router has the potential to be a leader in the market for homes and businesses looking to transition over to 5G. SRMX is now working in the Asian market to test their super router.

Here are a few important Tweets, SRMX says they are constrained by NDAs and cannot issue PR: @Skyfidelity is currently engaged in testing the SIM technology from a second major US carrier. Our goal is to offer an international solution to the LTE home delivery stalemate currently experienced by the 1 Billion plus homes that don’t have a viable LTE/Ethernet solution. Plus: @Skyfidelity is currently engaged in testing the SIM technology from a second major US carrier. Our goal is to offer an international solution to the LTE home delivery stalemate currently experienced by the 1 Billion plus homes that don’t have a viable LTE/Ethernet solution. And lastly: DirecTV Taking Steps to Convert Satellite Delivery to Streaming Delivery! This Opens the Door for SkiQ and It’s Streaming Function! These tweets have to be taken at face value, but definitely caught investors attention. The company’s Twitter followers exploded and their stock price is similarly on the rise.

Saddle Ranch Media Inc (OTCMKTS:SRMX), through its recent acquisition of Skyfideilty, Inc. (and its wholly-owned subsidiary Tricascade, Inc.) with operations both in the United States and in Taiwan, is an inventor, manufacturer, and distributor of reportedly the “most sophisticated and compelling” Smart Home devices, including SKiQ super router for 4G/5G/LTE, the ThermoRing first activated thermostat, the SmartOutlet, the SmartDimmer and other innovative SmartEnergy related devices.

Sky Fidelity, Inc., a diversified technology company, provides cloud managed services (IoT), as well as solar power, satellite broadband, and WiFi camera surveillance solutions. The company offers IoT for businesses and consumers; and i-BRIGHT 7x smart surge protector, a WiFi-enabled home energy management tool. It also offers satellite broadband solutions that are used in Caribbean, disaster, dual-mode tracking, education, emergency backup, mobile data, oil and gas site, RV and mobile home, supervisory control and data acquisition, telemedicine, and yacht and boat applications for live streaming video, VOIP, email, texting, and other Internet-based communications.

In addition, it offers WiFi camera systems for applications in car dealerships, construction sites, golf courses, marinas, oil and gas sites, RV and mobile homes, water locations, and yachts and boats. Further, the company offers WiFi hotspot solutions, including Sky400, a dual-band outdoor access point system; and Sky300, an outdoor device for delivering last mile wireless services to businesses or residential broadband subscribers. It serves customers worldwide.

The company was incorporated in 2016 and is based in Newport Beach, California with additional offices in Clearwater and Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and Taipei, Taiwan.

According to company materials, “SkyFidelity, Inc.’s subsidiary, TriCascade, Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company has created a 4G/LTE Gateway Hub that provides consumers with the ability to access the internet directly from a SIM-based 4G/LTE Super Router called the SkiQ. The Company has designed this innovative communication device that will disrupt the traditional communications hardware industry, making routers, modems, satellite dishes, set-top boxes and media boxes obsolete. By taking advantage of the ability to connect simultaneously from both a fiber/cable internet connection as well as 4G/LTE, the Gateway Hub will replace the need for satellite internet (Hughes Net), Cable Internet (COX, Time Warner, Comcast) and ADSL Internet at a fraction of the cost, while supporting future expansion of 5G networks.”

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These tweets are interesting but littered with self-promotion. However, SRMX does have a point that internet will evolve and 5G is coming. If Skyfidelity can continue to put their foot in the door – as they alluded to – this stock could have brighter days ahead.

In addition, SRMX announced patent protection for the SkiQ router. According to the release, SRMX’s TriCascade 4G/LTE Gateway Hub known as the SkiQ Super Router will have enhanced LTE functionality as well as proprietary iPad and Smart Tablet pedestal docking to facilitate video and television streaming directly from the SkiQ device. The ability to position live streaming devices (iPad/Tablet) directly on the SkiQ Router will enhance live streaming capability by directly connecting WiFi devices with a networking router USB port – the first 4G/LTE/Fiber router to do so. SRMX will seek to patent the SkiQ’s proprietary IoT LTE module board designed specifically for 4G LTE Internet connectivity

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