CANNAGROW HLDGS IN COM USD0.001 (OTCMKTS:CGRW) participated in the green wave of accumulation that happened in late October 2016, when shares rallied from under $1.00 to more than $3.20 into the election of Donald Trump, now CGRW shares have pulled back (like most of the industry) to the launching pad levels around $1.25, and volume has settled in.  A look at the chart below shows this parabolic move most of the industry experienced in Q4.

The company is a Liaison and Consultant providing turnkey solutions to licensed growers, CannaGrow Holdings, Inc. announces Licensed Grower, Category One Botanicals, LLC, has completed the sale of seven (7) different strain lots for the grand opening of a High-End Recreational Dispensary located in Trinidad, Colorado.

Dr. John P. Janovec, COO, stated, “It was a natural fit from the first time we talked with the Executives of the Recreational Dispensary. They were looking to round out their inventory for a Grand Opening and Category One Botanicals had a wide variety of diverse genetic strains cured and ready for market. Blanca Mountain Green, Buffalo Diamond Kush, and Huerfano Red Bud, were among our proprietary strains included in the sale. We expect these and other proprietary strains to become some of our high-demand products throughout the Cannabis Industry in Colorado. In addition to our proprietary strains, Hemlock and White Widow – two strains already known on the market — were included in the transaction. Our combination of “name brand” and in-house private stock strains will give us an edge, and our planned breeding programs will lead to new genetic lines that will prove to be appealing to the Cannabis Community of Colorado. Relationship building is part of our equation for success. We look forward to furthering this relationship by providing a continuous supply of quality Cannabis grown in natural soil-based media and pure Colorado sunshine without the use of dangerous chemical fungicides or pesticides.”

Executives from the High-End Recreational Dispensary added, “Working with the Crew at the Colorado Buffalo Ranch Facility was an easy and seamless process. The facility is very impressive and Master Growers, Dr. John P. Janovec and Jason Wells, have the knowledge and experience in Plant Genetics that will certainly push their products into the spotlight within the Cannabis industry in Colorado. We look forward to building a long-term business relationship with Dr. John, Jason, and their Team at Category One Botanicals.”

CannaGrow Holdings, Inc., the Liaison and Representative for NuGro Industries, will continue in its capacity of providing oversight as the Facilities Manager, working with the State/County Agencies and Category One Botanicals, LLC, the Licensed Grower for the facilities. The completion of this project will now provide the company the basis to begin generating revenues from Licensed Growers subleasing the Turnkey facilities being built to the specifications of CannaGrow COO, Dr. John P. Janovec, and Consultant, Jason Wells.

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CannaGrow Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CGRW) has entered the Medical/Recreational Cannabis Industry as a Lessor, Liaison, and Consultant to licensed Growers providing them with turnkey Growing Facilities in the State of Colorado.

CGRW intends to expand this business model within this industry as business opportunities evolve whereby providing for the highest return to its shareholders, and it is worth watching how the share prices will react as the market bifurcates into touch the plant versus not touching the plant. We fully expect this real estate type grow model will have some significant traction for investors.

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