BLUE DIAMOND VENTU COM STK NPV (OTCMKTS:BLDV) acquired the remaining 80% interest in Clean 1st LLC making the company a 100% wholly owned subsidiary. Clean 1st LLC is the parent of Cannabis-Clean, the specialized janitorial cleaning service to the Cannabis Industry.  Shares in the stock have been volatile since mid April rallying higher and then pulling back to where the rally started.  If you look at the price action below you can see this recent volatility as it relates to closing the deal with Clean 1st , and other fundamental happenings with the company.

Clean 1st LLC is under the direction of Steve McMorrow the President and Founder of Cannabis-Clean which has recently grown its business operations. The company is now the leading provider of specialized cleaning and anti-bacterial treatments for the cannabis sector in Colorado. “The first investment by BLDV in Cannabis-Clean was in May 2015, when I was a science advisor to the former CEO” said Josh Alper “This is what brought BLDV into the Cannabis Space, when I became CEO, we converted the previous agreement to an 20% equity position in the company” Today, BLDV completes the promise made to fully acquire Cannabis-Clean as a wholly owned subsidiary. “The goal is to have access to the business development resources of Blue Diamond, to allow expansion of the business model in Colorado, across the Country and Internationally.” says, Steve McMorrow President of Clean 1 st, “we are growing fast, this really allows me to focus on Denver while BLDV focuses on expansion” .

BLUE DIAMOND VENTU COM STK NPV (OTCMKTS:BLDV) recently changed their fiscal year-end to December 31 from June 30 to match the schedule of the operating business units. “One year ago, we initiated a collaborative partnering strategy across all of our businesses,” says Joshua B. Alper CEO of Blue Diamond Ventures Inc., who has just finished his first year in the CEO role. “The fiscal change gives me a chance to do another year-end review,” says Alper. “Although our numbers are public, it helps to review previous news, provide updates, and clarify a few things.”

Blue Diamond has adopted an approach to the Cannabis Real Estate that is based on the model of Innovative Industrial Properties of using Triple Net Leases, Medical Focus, and Public Share involvement, but with some important differences. The Fund is expected to raise approximately $12 Million USD and the average size of a completed lease-back project is expected to be under 50,000 square feet. In addition, the Fund will focus on a specific area of Southwest Michigan that remains the largest non-citrus fruit growing and processing area in the country but has lost all industry and jobs. Plans include an estimated twelve projects, along the Route 12 corridor from New Buffalo to Niles, MI. This project is expected to provide economic growth and much needed jobs for this region. Blue Diamond is working with several municipalities, with several projects in the planning stage and discussions with potential lessees are underway.

Bot Bakery manufactures and sells Organic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Baked Goods and Savory Products on a wholesale basis. The company is in the process of completing the build out of its 1st retail store in Chicago, IL. Bot Bakery has created recipes for the cannabis space and will soon begin seeking licensing agreements with Cannabis Edible companies.

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“Everything we do at BLDV starts with consulting,” says Jonathan Alper, Manager of BDC and the Principle of Alper & Associates Consulting. “Land Development for Religious Organizations, including the development of the first residential projects built on leased land in Illinois, is still 50% of our business.” BDC has just secured a new contract to do the Master Planning and Project/Construction Management for 100 Acres of land owned by the Victory Christian Center in Pendleton NY, right outside of Buffalo. “We are seeing the results of partnering with BLDV, with the acquisition of this new client and contract,” says Jonathan Alper a licensed Landscape Architect and a member of Lambda Alpha. In addition to the Planning and Construction projects, Blue Diamond Consulting is responsible for the business development activities of all other BLDV business units and has several private clients in the cannabis space.

Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. acquired the rights to the ZENO / Verve Brands & Products in September 2016. The Moose family, the previous owners, had spent 5 years developing a product for the hospitality industry. Joshua Alper, currently CEO of BLDV, had been the General Manager of ZENO Controls LLC for over 5 years under a contract between Alper & Associates Consulting and the owners.

The ZENO and VERVE Brands are based on the IOT or the Internet of Things, and both use Sensors to transmit data collected by Gateways and streamed to the Cloud. The ZENO InnPoint® Guest Experience Interface was developed in 2014 and was first installed in 2015. BLDV seeks to relaunch the ZENO Brand in the Hotel Space while converting the VERVE Living Systems brand into a Cannabis Lifestyle Brand with emphasis on high-end home growing with smart devices.

We want to see if the rally holds for Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. (OTCMKTS:BLDV)  because industry wide all cannabis stocks are experiencing a pullback, many cannabis companies are having similar declines as short term holders rotate out of the sector and take profits. The upcoming federal legalization of cannabis on a is inevitable and many are looking at these pullbacks as an opportunity to own stocks in the sector, we will be watching stocks like BLVD closely as we work through the next few quarters of 2017.  For continuing coverage on shares of $BLDV stock, as well as our other hot stock picks, sign up for our free newsletter today and get our next hot stock pick!